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Death, like a midnight stream, Sweeps us away life's a dream. An empty tale, A mourning flower. Cut down and withered by hour
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 Death Dome Rules

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Adamant Kira
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Cruxis Overlord

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PostSubject: Death Dome Rules   Thu Sep 28, 2006 8:31 pm

As everyone should know there's always some sort of rules. Yes there are rules for the Death Dome. So listen up or you'll suffer the consequences.

Rule 1:Make a Battle Thread- Each time you want to fight make a thread and name it this is how you do it.

Click New Topic.
Name Your Type Of Battle:Weither if it's the name of your character, opponent, area, etc.
Example: Showdown At Starlight bay!(Name of Type Of Battle)
Kenrue(Character name or username)
slipyu12(Opponent's Character name or Username)
Dragon's Peak(Area, make it up if you want it doesn't matter where you fight.
usually when you post an area your're opening the battle to
everyone who wants to challenge you. So be careful.
NOTE: You can't refuse to fight someone if you call them out or if you make it available for everyone.

State the Conditions: That's right YOU make up the rules for the battle, but make sure the other fighters understand it.

Description: Make it brief people.

Objective: The purpose of the battle or how to be claimed the victor.

Rule 2: NO breaking your own rules- People let's be fair now. You can't expect people to follow rules you break yourself. If there are any cases like that your opponent is allowed to leave the battle withoutrecieving a forfrit, repeated offenders battle threads will be deleted if continues

Rule 3: Forfeits- No one is really allowed to just quit a battle until the battle is either finished or both canidates decide to call it even. Unless rules are broken you can't quit a battle.

Rule 4: Godmodding- People I don't care if your character is really strong let's not god mod unless a special thread is requested. it just takes out the fun.

Rule 5: Spam- If you can't type at least a paragraph don't join any battles.

Rule 6: Double Posting- C'mon it's when you post twice after another none of that-

*Special Threads*- If you have at least 40 post you can have a special thread. Special threads allow you to break the previous rules above without being penalized. make sure you post Special Thread- (Name of Thread) as the subject. Otherwise people will think it's a regular thread. If you don't have 40 post don't even try to make one >.>

That's it.


Cruxis Angel Of Death
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Death Dome Rules
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